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Dartford Township Choir - Voice workshops 2011 - 2017

with Miriam Crozier

2016 - Sing Classical
The work this year was Faure’s Requiem, a beautiful and inspiring work, which once again ended
with a performance before an invited audience of friends and family.

And a couple of comments from our Facebook page:

Thank you Miriam it's was a great experience I have really enjoyed this and last years
choral singing something I have missed doing for many years.


I was in the audience as I was unable to take part - it was beautiful. Well done to you all, and to


2015 - Sing Vivaldi
The 2015 workshops once again ended with an informal performance before an invited audience.
Developing further from last year, choir members were set the challenge of singing a difficult
classical piece from a score.

The Gloria is among the most renowned compositions by Antonio Vivaldi.  The score sets to
music the hymn Gloria in excelsis Deo that, according to Luke’s Gospel, angels declaimed to
announce the birth of Christ.

Miriam’s lively and sympathetic approach inspired the choir to levels of achievement that were
a credit both to her and to them.

2014 - The Big Sing
The 2014 workshops included ‘Do You Hear the People Sing’ from Les Miserables, ‘Getting to
Know You’ from The King and I, the ‘Humming Chorus’  from Madame Butterfly and the
‘Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves from Nabucco.  All of these and more were the vehicle for exten-
ding musical and vocal skills and the workshops ended with an impromptu performance before
a group of invited friends and family.

2013 - Sing with Confidence
Miriam Crozier led this series of workshops with the goal being to have fun while extending
musical knowledge and vocal skills.

Miriam used several pieces as a vehicle to coach workshop members in harmonies, using a score,
geography of music etc. whilst having an enjoyable sing!  This proved to be a musical treat for
singers at every level of musical expertise!

2012 - Finding Your Voice
These enjoyable workshops were undertaken by some 40 members of Dartford Township Choir
under the expert guidance of Miriam Crozier.  Miriam's expertise and experience showed through-
out as she took members through a series of innovative and enjoyable exercises to boost
confidence and experiment with vocal techniques.

2011 - Develop Your Voice
This was held on was a wonderful opportunity to participate in a one off workshop with Miriam
Crozier a very talented musical director and a singer herself.  

Miriam promised that this session would primarily be FUN and an opportunity for a group of us
to get together to see what sort of sound we could make.  No singing alone or pointing out
any individuals!  She used a number of techniques and practice methods to enable those
participating to stretch their voices and find hidden talents!!!