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Dartford Township Choir - Sing World 2015 and Global Folk 2014

with Paul Bartholomew

2015 - Sing World

Paul Bartholomew led us in an eclectic mix of tunes from around the world
which made for a joyous experience.

Sung in English, Songs of the sea, war, love and life from Africa, America,
Ireland, the UK and the Caribbean took us all on a singing journey through
Calypso, Hi-life, Blues, Shanty, Country and Mardi Gras amongst others.

The concert was on the 15th July at Christ Church, Dartford.

A special mention for Paul’s band of amazing musicians; Joe
Auckland, Joe Townsend, Richard Bolton, Nic France and Dudley
Phillips.  They really added a great boost to the performance
and a very lively vibe.  Many thanks to them.
Paul Bartholmew
A few comments from the choir and the audience (both concerts):

Just to say a big thank you to Paul and you all - I really enjoyed the Global Folk project, very
challenging but always great fun, and I thought the concert was absolutely great!

I have really enjoyed the Sing World workshops and the concert on Wednesday. Not only do I
meet up with those from previous workshops, I have had the pleasure of meeting new partici-
pants. I woke up Thursday with the tunes from the concert running around my head, quite a
buzz. Thank you for your hard work in giving us, the Choir, the opportunity to sing together.

…and a note from Paul…

I hope you had some fun along the way and on the night (I certainly did) and you looked as if
you were enjoying yourselves - remember, the band and I always get the best seat in the house
and it really sounded good to us.  They’re all really keen to move the project along.  Quite a
vote of confidence in yourselves.

Good luck with all the choral endeavours in the coming months and beyond - you have an
extraordinary committee who constantly amaze me with their tenacity and determination to
grow the DTC both in numbers on the books and in terms of breadth of activity and range of
styles - so thank you and congratulations to all those hard-working committee members.

Paul Bartholomew
2014 - Global Folk

Dartford Township Choir once again welcomed Paul Bartholomew for a series of Global Folk

This concert was the choir’s first venture into Global Folk and was led by the acclaimed musical
director Paul Bartholomew and supported by a band of talented professional musicians.

From New Orleans to Trinidad via Ireland and the UK with stopovers in various different
centuries and continents, the itinerary included Calypso, Mardi Gras groove, a sea shanty, a
tune from the Irish rebellion and much more.  

The concert was on the 4th July at the Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford.