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Dartford Township Choir - Songs from the Musicals 2016

with Michael Park

Some feedback from choir and audience:

I'd like to give a huge ‘Thank You’ to you all
for organising the wonderful workshops with
Michael Park culminating in our performance
on Wednesday. It was such a pleasure to have
the opportunity to sing musicals, I totally
enjoyed the challenge of learning a different
genre of music and without a doubt I would
love to do more workshops with Michael. I had
really good feedback from friends and family
who thought we were all amazing and very
professional.  Well done and thank you again.

Well the Choir came together on the night and
what an enjoyable evening it was. Michael
worked us hard and presented us with a
challenge that at times seemed a bridge too
far, but we got there with an odd wobble. I
will certainly be part of the next workshop with
Michael.  Please pass on my thanks to Michael
Park and of course the DTC Committee for
making it all possible and enjoyable.

I am a choir member who almost dropped out
about half way through as I just couldn't see it
coming together.  Also, I began to find that
Doing "homework" was too much commitment. 
However, I am really pleased I stuck with it to
See that it did finally work.  My Dad came and
thought we were pretty good.  He has been to a
couple of previous concerts and thought this
was the most impressive.
Michael Park
Indeed – very well done.  It was actually a
real treat for us to be in the audience for a
change and see how good DTC are, particu-
larly with such a challenging programme.
Sorry we couldn’t make it to the end – just
didn’t have time to devote to all the work
needed, but credit to those who did. It was
J & J

Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed
last night’s concert, it was a set that I'd
wanted to do for such a long time and I
thought Michael was terrific with us.  I'm
sure he found it quite challenging as he
would not have known our capabilities but
as ever when it actually came to the perfor-
mance everyone upped their game and
hopefully Michael was as pleased with it as
we all seemed to be with ourselves.  I'd
welcome another set with Michael again if
he is up to the challenge!  I can understand
why some didn't manage to stay the course
as I nearly passed on the actual performance
night due to lack of practice (I'd actually
missed 3 or 4 sessions) but our final run
through prior to performance made a huge

This feedback has been edited for space reasons and to remove names.