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Dartford Township Choir - Songs from the Musicals 2016 audio

A Place for Us - Michael Park.mp3
Below are a selection of audio recordings from the Sing Musicals
concert.  You can click on the play buttons below to listen to them.  
They all link to MP3 files which should automatically download and
play in your media player.
Sunday - DTC.mp3 You Cant Stop the Beat - DTC.mp3
Somewhere                          Sunday                           You Can’t Stop the Beat                                 
Michael Park solo                  Full Choir                         Full Choir                             
Michael Park
Bow Bells - Imre Varga.mp3 Empty Chairs and Empty Tables - Michael Park.mp3
Oranges and Lemons           Empty Chairs and Empty Tables                                 
Imre Varga piano solo         Michael Park solo