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Dartford Township Choir - Sing Gospel

with Ken Burton - audio

I Feel Like Going On                     So Glad I’m Here                             I Wanna Be Ready
Sing Gospel 2011
Ken Burton
Sing Gospel 2012
Sing Gospel 2013
Don’t You Let Nobody                  Can’t Give Up Now                          I Shall Wear a Crown
The Angel Rolled                    Love Without End                    Do Remember Me
the Stone Away
The Lord’s Prayer                   Trust Me                                 Peace Like a River
Sing Gospel 2014
Sing Gospel 2017 - with the London Adventist Chorale
Praise  the Lord,                           Total Praise
Oh My Soul
Below are a selection of audio recordings from the Sing Gospel
concerts.  You can click on the play buttons below to listen to
them.  They all link to MP3 files.
Praise the Lord.mp3 Peace Like a River.mp3 Trust Me.mp3 The Lord's Prayer.mp3 Total Praise.mp3 The Angel Rolled the Stone Away.mp3 Love Without End.mp3 Do Remember Me.mp3 Don't You Let Nobody Turn you 'round.MP3 Can't Give up Now.MP3 I Shall Wear a Crown.MP3 I Feel Like Going On.mp3 So Glad.mp3 I Wanna Be Ready.mp3
Sing Gospel 2015 - with the London Adventist Chorale
Agnus Dei                            No Man could Number
Great is the Lord                   Swing Low Sweet Chariot           Didn’t my Lord
02 Great is the Lord.mp3 07 Swing Low.mp3 09 Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel.mp3 04 Agnus Dei.mp3 07 No Man could Number.mp3
Sing Gospel 2018 - with the London Adventist Chorale
Soon Ah Will be Done.mp3 I Stand Amazed.mp3
Soon Ah Will be Done                I Stand Amazed