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Dartford Township Choir - Musical Weekend FAQ

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A whole weekend of singing could be too much.
Well obviously we will do a fair bit of singing, but Mike has built in plenty of time for
you to relax and to explore Oxon Hoath (a truly idyllic setting) and the surrounding
countryside if you want to.

I might feel a bit odd on my own, or left out.
Most of the committee will be there and it's our job to make sure that everyone feels
relaxed and part of things. Most of the people attending will be on their own
and worried too!

I feel exposed and worried that I'll be expected to sing solo.
Again we want to reassure you that you will NEVER be asked to sing alone.  In the
past Mike during his ‘Sing Soul’ workshops has sometimes asked if anyone is
interested in singing solo, but it is entirely up to you if you want to volunteer.

How do I book?
Download and print a PDF or Word application form and send with a cheque for 50%
of the full amount to the address on the form or use the direct payment method
detailed on the form.

Can I reserve a room?
Rooms are only reserved when 50% payment is received, and will be sold on a first
come first served basis.

Can I cancel after I have booked and paid?
Once a booking is made it is final, except in exceptional circumstances and at the
discretion of the committee.

What is included in the price?
Full bed and board for two nights as well as participation in all workshops.  All meals
are vegetarian.  If you have special dietary needs and you let us know when booking,
every attempt will be made to fulfil them.

Can I book a multi-occupancy room for one person?
Because we wish to maximise the number of participants we strongly encourage
you to share if possible.  To this end there are substantial discounts on all rooms
with twin or more than one single bed if you are willing to share.

How do I find Oxon Hoath?
The post code to put into your SatNav is TN11 9SS - check out the map below:

Directions from Oxenhoath Road
Travel up the hill and take the first turning on your right (just before the lodge house).  
Here on your right you will see the Oxon Hoath sign post.  Turn right and drive over
the two cattle grids, watching out for the livestock and wild life.  The first house on
your right is the Dower House.  Keep driving on slowly, and you will see Oxon Hoath
on your right.  Please drive through the gates.

Car parking
Car parking is in front of the house and in the courtyard to the rear.  Please park as
snugly as you can. Please do not drive or park on the lawns or verges.

Can I come for the day?
Sorry but this will not be possible, the whole event is predicated on it being a fully
residential experience.
This map shows the
location of Oxon Hoath.  
You can zoom in or out
and also move the map