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Dartford Township Choir - Oxon Hoath Singing Weekend with Mike King
2014, 2016 and 2018
Mike King

I want to say well done on what was a fantastic achievement.  We learnt four songs, two of which were quite complicated arrangements, and I had numerous goose bump moments!!  Your blend and delivery just got better and better throughout the weekend and there was a real sense of unity and as always such a supportive atmosphere.


You came open to learn and it was great to watch you gain confidence and develop your performance especially when we split the group in two.  As you listened to each other I hope you could fully appreciate how great you sounded and the difference the performance techniques made, not only to your sound and expression but to your physical delivery and presence. It's official - Choir 1 and Choir A were equally fantastic!!!

Miike King

Residential Singing Weekends with Mike King

These workshops were held from Friday to Sunday in September 2014 and 2016 and August/September 2018.  This project was a new departure for the choir in 2014 and from the feedback that we received proved it to be very successful so we organised two similar events subsequently, once again held at the beautiful Oxon Hoath Country Estate near West Peckham in Kent.

Below is some feedback received over the years, all are edited and anonymous except for the first one from Mike King:

Participants arrived on Friday evening and an introduction

followed by a singing workshop got things off to a brisk

start.  Dinner allowed people to relax and enjoy delicious food.

After breakfast on Saturday there was another fairly intense

workshop, where more songs were added, followed by lunch.  

After lunch we had several hours free time and some people

took the opportunity to take a leisurely walk to the Swan on

the Green pub at West Peckham.  Another workshop in the

early evening then dinner and relaxation in front of an open

fire in the library.

Thanks again to you and all the committee

for all your hard work - the weekend was a

complete treat.  The only feedback that

I would seriously offer, is that the venue

should be booked again for 2016 (I under-

stand it is fully booked for 2015)  - it is in

the bag then and it wouldn't be a problem

Cancelling.  I think everyone who went this

weekend would not hesitate returning.

Thanks for a truly wonderful weekend,

loved every minute!

Great to have all the

recordings so soon as well.  Look forward

to November!

See you then.

What a wonderful time we had.  I left early

but would like to give some initial feedback.

Fantastic venue with lovely staff.  Admin side of it went very smoothly. Loved the addition of yoga in the morning.  Songs a good mix of challenging and easy. Rooms were very good.

I found the longer singing sessions a little too long. Perhaps an earlier break in each would have helped, but I was really tired with half an hour to go in each case. Or a slightly different timetable, particularly on the Saturday.

the Green pub at West Peckham.  Another workshop in the

early evening then dinner and relaxation in front of an open

fire in the library.