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Library_group.jpg Weekenders_outside.jpg P1020558.JPG P1020563.JPG P1020564.JPG P1020568.JPG P1020569.JPG P1020559.JPG P1020562.JPG P1020570.JPG P1020579.JPG P1020580.JPG P1020583.JPG P1020585.JPG P1020586.JPG P1020593.JPG
This happy band - These are the participants in our first residential musical weekend
at Oxon Hoath country retreat with musical director Mike King (centre front).
The brave (and talented) souls who volunteered
to perform solos for the recording of the songs
learnt over the weekend.
These two photographs were
taken by one of those taking
part in the singing weekend
who is also the proud mother of
one of the soloists.

Click on the thumbnails to see
a large version.
The thumbnails above right are a selection of photos taken during rehearsal
and recording of the songs, as well as a couple showing members relaxing
during some of the free time.

Again, clicking on the thumbnails will take you to a large version.
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