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Dartford Township Choir - Interpretation and Performance Workshop

with Mike King

Once again we have had an exceptional response from
people who took part in this workshop.  Below is a
small selection (names omitted and minor editing):

Mike King

it was a good workshop,
Mike made it relaxed and
a safe environment as

Although it was a bit
nervewracking at first it
didn't take long to feel
comfortable with each
other. I was amazed how
quickly the time went.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learning how to interpret a song is so valuable and really enhances a performance.  Mike is a great teacher and he really inspires people to deliver a song and connect with an audience.

I'm sure everyone else would agree with
me - I had a great time at the workshop.  
There was such a lovely supportive
atmosphere.  I think we all learnt a lot
and especially gained confidence.  I'd
love to do the whole workshop again.  

Brilliant. Thanks for organising.

Since the workshop, I've been listening to music in a different way, noticing the rifts and style and back phrasing - I think I got a lot out of the afternoon, and I really did enjoy it!

Thanks Mike and DTC for arranging it.

When I heard just a few days before that there were
places available it seemed an awful waste of a great
opportunity [not to join].  I thought at least I might
learn something on technique and anyway singing is
always a pleasure.  
What an understatement!!!  I won't go on about Mike's
talents; you know them well.  What helped to make
the day such an enjoyable experience was the encour-
aging attitude of the rest of the group.  What a lovely
lot DTC members are!  And yes, not only was it great
fun and went far too fast but I did learn a lot.